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Determining Your Clothing Order Quantity

When starting your first clothing line or retail store, correctly determining your clothing order quantity is essential to securing the right amount of products without overstocking yourself. However, this decision won't entirely be yours to make. Manufacturers always have minimum order quantities, and whether you only need to put one item on your Shopify store…
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How a Profound Relationship Developed: Clothing Agent and Client

Being an overseas agent; physically away from 98% of our clients, it can be difficult to form strong relationships. This is why we take our job very seriously to ensure that meaningful relationships between clothing agent and client can be formed and strengthened daily. We utilise many form of communication including Skype, email and whatsapp…
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Ethical Manufacturing in Bali

Ethical Manufacturing, what does this really mean? In the most basic terms it is defined as "no child labour, freedom of association and protection of the right to organise and collective bargaining, no forced labour, security of employment, no discrimination, health and safety, maximum hours of work, and the right to earn a living wage."…
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