Our Services

Our Services can help save you time and money

We can offer the following services to all of our clients. We have the ability to customize them to help you save time and money.

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Our Services Can help you even more

We are able to offer you the option of a turnkey solution for all of your needs.

We can take you from the beginning stages of our process of finding suppliers and manufacturers within our team, have them source all your materials, create your patterns and samples, review them for quality control and move into mass production. Once your production is completed, we can either ship all of your merchandise to you or we can help you further by creating your branded packaging, and preparing a photo shoot with your garments to get sales started. These are more ways in which we will help you save time and money.

All of the options below are available through us. Additional fees will apply.

We at Clothing Manufacturing Agent Bali can help you source all materials you will need to make your clothing, select the manufacturer that will be right for your and ship your merchandise to your desired location.