Selecting the Manufacturer

Selecting the Manufacturer

We work within a private network of Indonesia's top ethical manufacturers and suppliers which allows us the flexibility of selecting the manufacturer that's right for you.

The decision we make for selecting the manufacturer who best suits your project is entirely based on the styles of garments you're producing. That's because all of our manufacturers always produce high quality garments but most of them specialise in certain garment styles.

The most important factor in our selection criteria is whether a specific manufacturer can 100% facilitate your exact needs. So if you're producing board shorts, we won't be taking your project to our evening wear specialist manufacturer.

If your clothing line requires more than one manufacturer from our network, then we'll simply have our team of manufacturers collaborate on your project to get the pieces made just right. This may require more time depending on the complexity of your garments.

We also have the ability to scale your business. Because all of our manufacturers are medium- to large-scale ethical producers, they have the capacity to grow with you as your requirements grow. As you start placing larger orders, we will still be able to produce the high quality of clothing that you have become accustom to receiving from our service.

So how can you know that your products have been produced at ethical manufacturing facilities?

When we start selecting the manufacturer to join our network, we place them through a rigorous vetting process that tests their skills as well as their business ethics and business operations. Ethical manufacturing is at the heart of our business, and its our prime directive to provide quality ethical manufacturing to our clients.

In Q3 2016, with the launch of our upcoming new website, we will be releasing videos and case studies directly from the manufacturers themselves to showcase working conditions and the stories of the lives of those who produce your clothes.

As part of our ethical manufacturing initiatives, we will be joining forces with others at the Fashion Revolution to help promote safe and healthy working and living environments for factory workers across Indonesia.

Here are a couple of pictures from various manufacturers that we work with. All of the skilled workers are from nearby neighbourhoods and villages, as it is customary to hire from your local area. The local community village or "banjar" where each factory is located, requests that a percentage of their skilled residents are hired as employees. Factories and families both benefit from the proximity to home, and community.

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