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Bikinis and Board Shorts

Being in Bali; in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by big beautiful surf and hot golden sun filled days, what better could we manufacture than Bikinis and Board Shorts. We are always asked about what materials and fabrics are best to use, what stitching, printing, and of course comfortability, when manufacturing bikinis and board…
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Best Fabrics for Towels

Whenever you step out of the shower, you reach for your towel and begin to dry yourself off. But you run into a problem, your towel is not absorbing the water but rather just seems to be moving it around. Or what about trying to dry your dishes; trying being the key would as it…
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How Heatmaps Improve Advertising ROI

Recent research using eye tracking technology proves how heatmaps improve advertising ROI by showing advertisers exactly where male versus female consumers' eyes look when viewing ads. The insights are mind-blowing and shows that even the smallest tweak can help convert more viewers to buyers. Read original post: by Business Insider "23 Heatmaps Reveal Where People Really Look" How…
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