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Batik Printing – How it is Created

Batik printing has been around for almost 1000 years dating back to around the 12th century. The word "Batik" is Javanese in origin and is a combination of 2 words; 'amba' which means 'to write' and 'titik' which means 'dot'. Batik Printing - How it is Created and the Process Involved The process for creating…
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How to Select the Right Fabric

Selecting the right fabric is an important element for any designer. What are the advantageous and disadvantages between different fabric? It is a key component to making any piece of clothing. For Clothing Manufacturing Agent Bali this stands true as well. Making sure the fabric has the right feel and flow is key. How to…
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How to Select a Clothing Manufacturer

How to select a clothing manufacturer can be a very difficult decisions in the creation of your apparel¬†lines. Due diligence is needed at every step of the way to make the right choice. You need to ensure that careful thought is put into this decision as your company and brand reputation are on the line;…
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