Plan Now to Request a Quote

The following information will help you clearly understand what is needed for us to be able to help you plan now to request a quote.

How to Plan Now to Request a Quote

After you completely fill in the following form and attach your detailed tech packs along with supporting images, we can start the process to provide you with initial production costs for your garments, production timeframes, and minimum order quantities (MOQs).

If you are not currently ready to take this step and have some preliminary questions for us instead, please simply click on this Contact Us link to send us a message. One of our Client Services team will respond to you quickly.

IMPORTANT: Sometimes our replies get stuck in your email’s junk-mail folder, so please add our email address to your email contact list or address book in order to white-list us. Otherwise we may have responded to your enquiry but you won’t see it.

What We Need From You

  1. You will need to fill in the form on this page with your contact information. All fields are mandatory, except Skype ID. We mainly email at first but sometimes we call or Skype so please provide your real contact information.
  2. We need you to upload your completed tech packs through this page. Tech packs must include the following:
    • supporting measurements of every part of each of your garments, supporting images/sketches with corresponding measurement lines, your choice of fabrics, your choice of materials (ie: gold plated zipper), whether you need printing or dyeing, your Pantone colour codes, your sizing guide (ie: UK sizes S, M, L, XL, etc.), stitching notes, and more.
  3. If you already have designs you would like to print on your garments or the fabric itself, you will need to upload your image files on this page. Not all methods of printing can effectively print every design. We can help you determine which printing method you need to use based on your designs.
    *image files must be in JPG, AI, PNG, or PDF formats set to scale or for yardage printing.

Once we review your requirements and your uploaded files, we will coordinate with our network of manufacturers to provide you with all the production information you need. When you are happy with this information, we can proceed with patterns/samples production or jump right into mass production.

IMPORTANT: there are manufacturer’s lead-times that can vary depending on workload and projects in the cue. A lead-time is the time you need to wait before manufacturers can start working on your project. We recommend getting all of your information sent to us as soon as possible; things take time.

Don’t have tech packs? No problem. Download our industry standard tech packs here – Click Here to Download the CMAB Spec Sheets.

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What Are You Making? (required)

Your Order Quantity (required)

*The MOQs for production (not samples) is set forth by our 53 manufacturers and they vary depending on your choice of fabrics, materials, dyes, printing, etc. that you indicate in your tech packs.

Timeframe: when would you ideally want your production for? (required)

*Samples take approximately 2-3 weeks to make whereas productions take approximately 8-12 weeks. You will also need to factor in the time it takes to ship something to you from Bali, Indonesia.

Upload your completed Tech Packs here.

Images you embed into the spec sheet may need to be reduced in file size.
If you choose the wrong file to upload by mistake, simply click it again and upload the correct file.

Upload your graphics files here. File sizes must be less than 3 MB. If you choose the wrong file to upload by mistake, simply click it again and upload the correct file.

If you already have patterns upload them here. File size must be less than 3 MB.