Mass Production and Quality Control

Once all the patterns and sew samples are made, inspected and reviewed for any possible adjustments and the decision is made to go into mass production other factors need to be keep in mind. Lead time, production time, minimum order quantity and quality control need to be considered.

Lead time and Production time

Lead time is the time prior to the production of your garments. It is necessary to allow the manufacturer time to finish other projects on the go but also to ensure all the necessary fabrics and materials are ready for the mass production. Lead time can vary anywhere from 1-4 weeks on average with our manufacturers and supplier but this is also dependent on your material choice and timeframes if there is special production required. Production time follows lead time in which the amount of time it will take to produce all of your order. Production time can range from 8-12 weeks depending on the complexity of your pieces and size of your line.

Quality Control - customised checklist

Quality control is the most important aspect of any mass production phase. If this process is not overseen very closely on a regular basis, the quality may diminish overtime when dealing with other manufacturers. This is never what anyone wants. During the mass production phase, we will utilise our specialised quality control checklist. This will ensure a high standard of quality if met. With utilising our services as your agent, we will use our specially designed quality control checklist on a weekly basis to 10% of all garments manufactured. In addition to the weekly inspections, a final random inspection of your garments will happen prior to shipping. If the total amount of pieces in your production is less that 1000 pieces, we will check every single piece. Once it goes over this amount, we will check 75% of the production.

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Mass-production-and-quality-control-fabric-Clothing-Manufacturing-Agent-Bali                  Mass-production-and-quality-control-thread-Clothing-Manufacturing-Agent-Bali                   Mass-production-and-quality-control-machinesClothing-Manufacturing-Agent-Bali                 Mass-production-and-quality-control-Clothing-Manufacturing-Agent-Bali

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