Negotiating With Manufacturers

Negotiating with manufacturers can be a difficult process taking into account cultural and language barriers. We will take care of all negotiating with manufacturers as well as the suppliers.


We work closely with you and our manufacturers and suppliers to secure you the best prices. The negotiating of prices will be continuously reviewed. It may be adjusted based on volumes and complexity of design over time.

Minimum Order Quantities

In addition to the negotiation of prices, we will be negotiating with manufacturers to get you the minimum order quantity (MOQ) that is best suited for your needs. In general, there are a variety of factors that will determine the MOQ such as:

  • Colourways
  • Printing or Dying techniques
  • Materials - custom produced
  • Size Grading
  • Timeframe

In general, our MOQ is approximately 30 pieces/style/colourway.

Negotiating with manufacturers to determine your MOQ will allow us to gauge the production timeframe of when all of your pieces will be completed. Production can range anywhere from 8-12 weeks. During the production, we will manage the time used to create your pieces and in some instances, cost may be reduced and garments produced quicker. If this is the case, we will negotiate better prices for you to bring your cost down.

This will in turn allow you to produce more of your pieces with cost scale savings.

Negotiating-with-Manufacturers-Clothing-Manufacturing-Agent-Bali                  Negotiating-with-Manufacturers-fabric-Clothing-Manufacturing-Agent-Bali                   Negotiating-with-manufacturers-sewing-Clothing-Manufacturing-Agent-Bali                 Clothing-Manufacturing-Agent-Bali-Negotiating-with-Manufacturers-thread-2

Clothing Manufacturing Agent Bali can help you with everything you need.

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