Ship Your Merchandise

Ship your merchandise

Once all the production is complete, we will ship your merchandise to your desired location. We will package each piece in a clear plastic sleeve marked with the size. They will also have the swing tags already attached if this option is chosen.

Any additional packaging required prior to them being sent to your end clients will need to be competed by you once the bulk delivery is received.

We will ensure that it is sent via sea or air based on your preferences.

Shipping By Sea

Sea shipments are better for larger orders which weigh more. However, they can take 35-45 days to arrive. We use specialized exporting partners for this process.  Costs are generally lower when choosing this option but not always feasible due to the length of time it can take. Also, if you are not located near the shipping port, additional freight forwarders may be required to ship your merchandise to your door step. The MOQ for shipping by sea is 3cbm.

Shipping By Air

Air shipments are slightly higher in cost but only take on average 4-14 days. Choosing air shipments will avoid the need for freight forwarders. This is all covered when using IndoPost (local service provider) DHL (worldwide) or Pack and Send (Australia).

IndoPost will be the cheapest option taking approximately 10-14 days to ship, depending on your location.

Alternatively, we can use DHL or Pack and Send to send your shipment which will allow for direct billing and a faster delivery - should you have to pay any duties, this will be billed directly on your account.  To open your own DHL account simply click here and follow the steps. If you choose to use Pack and Send, which utilizes for a variety of carriers and may offer the lowest rate, please click here and use this code BLCTTA to ensure the best service.

Most clients prefer air shipments due to the much shorter delivery time frames as well as for ease of use.

Customs, duties, taxes and insurance are not included. Please check the rates on the Duty Calculator